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After helping people build brands for 10+ years: Here’s what I’ve found.

Everything in your brand falls on one of five pillars carrying your brand. Identifying which of these that hold your current weak point, will also reveal your biggest growth potential.

Your Product

Your brand revolves around your product. Your product is shaped by the clients’ need, and the brand is shaped by the product.

  • Realize Your Product’s Place in Your Brand: It is your reason for existence, make sure “branding” doesn’t take away from constantly improving your product.
  • Learn to Take Feedback: Set feedback loops in place, and learn to take it.
  • Learn when Not to Take Feedback: You are still the captain of your ship. You began the journey — stay on track by working on the next pillar, Your Brand Story.

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Social Media & Content Creation

Your Brand Story

While it is very tempting to dive right in to the visual aspects of a brand, there is an immense payoff to putting some work on the story behind it. There are two quick ways to get started. Get these things down in text, and refer back to them when you loose your focus.

  • Customer Avatar: Define your dream client and how you solve their need.
  • Guidewords: Narrow down five words that describe the feeling you want your brand to communicate. It could be everything from fun to adventurous, clean, or quirky.

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Periodic Design Updates

Your Visual Identity

This is what we often think of when we say “brand.” But in truth, the visual identity will represent the brand. So if you look pretty, but fail to deliver what you client needs, it will not work. However. We should aspire to look pretty!

Key Point: Make what you need now — nothing more. Add more assets when you need them. There is no count to the amount of huge brand guideline catalogues that have been created but never used. A good designer can do great work with the items below.

  • A Logo: Don’t overthink it, it is possible to change it in the future (but it pays off to think a bit forward).
  • A Few Colors: White for background + one accent color is actually enough if that’s what you like.
  • A Few Typefaces: Two is usually the best.

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Facebook & Google Ads

Your Funnel

If the product is good, you need a way to gather eyes on your product and share its benefits with the unknowing. This is usually where most of your day to day work will be focused.

  • Free Marketing. Focus on Mastering One Channel: There is often such a hurry to try to reach out in every channel, but it is always better to actually make quality content. Quality content over time will get results.
  • Paid Marketing: There are many ways to pay for your marketing. My best tip here would be to either outsource it, or realize that it will take time. I can’t count the amount of people I’ve worked with who’ve told me they’ve tried Facebook ads and they are disappointed. If you do it yourself, it takes work and knowledge, just like free marketing.
  • Always Gather Emails: Every funnel should always attempt to gather people’s emails. This is because you own your email lists, while your followers on other platforms will always belong to that platform and be subject to their whims and algorithm changes.

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Happy Customers

Your Customer Service

After all is said and done, you will not do everything perfectly. Take responsibility for your brand long term by offering good terms and conditions.

  • A Generous Return Policy: If you’ve honestly communicated the nature of your product, people will very seldom return it, so don’t be afraid of this.
  • Some Sort of Warranty: At least if the product arrives with a defect, you should replace it. That’s your responsibility. They paid for a working product.
  • Good Shipping: People want things at least decently fast, and long shipping times is one of the biggest turn offs in a shopping process.
  • Always Gather Reviews! Reviews is your biggest trust builder.

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