Let me introduce to you the crew!

Skylimit Productions works as a freelancer stack. You start working with me (Benjamin), and I produce products to the extent of my ability. Then I happen to know some few great talents in the areas of writing and photography, as well as my own field of web development. So if you want to take it to the next level, I will stack those freelancers on top of each other and serve you the whole package—like American breakfast-pancakes.

Benjamin Antoni Andersen

I am Benjamin, a Norwegian web/graphic designer based in Stockholm. I started Skylimit back in 2009, and when you email us I am on the other end answering. I do web and graphic design. My favorite field is front-end, which means I like working with the looks and the visible parts of a website—the small details…

Meet me!

Isak Prytz

Isak is the left side of the brain. No problem is to hard for his massive brain power! If you give us a huge job, Isak will be added to the stack to make sure the project is structured like it should. When he is not letting his fingers dance across the keyboard he raises an…

Meet me!

Annelie Persson

She brings the pen out in the field. If your need content for you blog; articles about current events or interviews, she's ready to go get it. If you are meticulous about the content of your website or magazine and need to bring a professional journalist into the picture, Annelie will provide an excellent return…

Meet me!