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Your brand is your story. A tale that grows with your company, and has to be constantly tended to in order to stay relevant.

Our core belief is that your brand, expressed through your website, Facebook, print, Instagram , Shopify – whatever tool or platform – demands continual human attention to thrive.

That is why our products and specialties – web design, graphic design and all the classic tools you are familiar with – are secondary. Primarily, we provide a real and experienced eye to be kept on your brand, constantly keeping it alive and operating at the highest potential. New ideas being invented, then put directly into action through whatever channel fits best.

We call it brandhandling, and the personal coach assigned to your brand: a brandhandler. A brandhandler keeps a constant watch on your brand, and performs a broad set of evolving tasks on a continuing basis.

Personal Web and Brand Assistance

Personal Assistance

Are there times that you grow exhausted of logging in and out to nitpick annoyances and typos? Or googling for ages to find answers, but still struggling to implement them yourself?

What if instead you had your own brandhandler on a personal email thread, and you just simply write, “hey, can you help me fix this?” or, “I want to see this idea come to life,” then we take care of the rest. We aim to go beyond just a personal assistant, but to work closely along your side and always be ready at relatively short notice. Let’s see your vision fully realized.

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media

We come up with ideas for content for your social media monthly, then present it to you for feedback. After, we create and schedule it for you. In the case that your Instagram game is flawless already, we will gladly keep our hands away! Otherwise, we’ll hunt for other ways to promote and grow upon your great work.

Facebook & Google Ads


Facebook and Google ads go a long way, opening up your brand to a demographic and people that would be a struggle to reach otherwise. We will create appealing and genuine ads that showcase who you are and what you’re doing, and take your web presence to a new level. After being established, we keep an eye on them month after month, tweaking, testing and making them better in every possible way.

The best ads are duplicated and improved upon based on what is drawing people in, so we’ll do our research and repeat monthly, bringing more traffic directly to you. For example, if you want to run an ad campaign on a new product launch, together we’ll create an attractive and effective method of getting you out there.

Periodic Design Updates

Constant Design Tweaks

Instead of investing into a huge redesign every second year and forwarding your site’s relevance in massive steps, we keep our hands on your design monthly.

Round buttons, drop shadows, icon styles: what’s in and out changes faster and faster. We keep in step with those changes by refining your design little by little all the time. Your brand and online presence will stay at the peak of where it can be.

Social Media & Content Creation

Content Creation

After working in the industry for years, we know where the coffee’s cooking, so to say.

We maneuver and know our way around the massive amounts of marketing material that is available out there, and have access to stock photo sites and resources where we go looking for the absolute best when creating content for you.

In house, we have professionals in English, Swedish, and Norwegian text writing. And hey, if other languages are required for you, we will figure it out—after all, a brandhandler is flexible, personal and open. Everything and anything we can get our hands on are at your disposal.


The Starter Pack

The minimum amount of hours that we feel are needed to grow your brand.

We will have time to look at results from marketing, and optimize growth every month. Occasionally, we may have some time to execute new ideas.


Medium Size Brandhandling

We put down just the right amount of hours on your media channels, looking for the perfect places to optimize, get new ideas, and let the brand expand.

In this package there will be time to both initiate and execute new marketing ideas monthly.


The Behemoth

Going large? We understand that you have new ideas that need to be set out constantly. The sky’s the limit. You don’t ever want your brand to be stagnant, and it is our responsibility to be alert and find new ways to get you out there and see you grow. You’ll have us closely next to you doing whatever it takes to see your brand take off. Go big or go home.

If you have no online presence to work with and need a chunk of work done to get started, we'll set you up with a nice fixed price package based on your needs.

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Our goal is for whatever we produce to be tied together seamlessly in your brand – always innovating, while never leaving your foundation and vision behind.

The following quotes are kind words from some of the brands that have entrusted us to work in one way or another with their public image.

If you’re looking for someone to design you a full website or any other designs, then look no further! Efficient, friendly, affordable, creative, and top-notch designs.

Benjamin Laws, MacLaren Barbers

Skylimit Productions are creative, open minded and professional, with an eye for details that matter.

Andreas Hammarsand, 7H Batterier

Skylimit Productions understand what we want, and deliver on deadline.

Amar Singh, KSMG
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