Your brand's customer service

Your Customer Service

Your customer has been on their journey. Now it’s time to make the experience smooth, and build loyalty.

Nothing is perfect. There will be trouble. So you should be ready to serve your customers the best you can, if your product does not live up to what you promised.

It’s incredible how anger can be quenched by a little humility from you the brand owner.

A generous return policy

In the beginning of me working with brands, I didn’t understand how brands could have open return policies like that, but it all comes down to integrity.

If you’ve honestly communicated the nature of your product, people will very seldom return it, so don’t be afraid of this.


Do you really believe in your product? Back it with a warranty. It is your job to bring your product into the customers hands without defect.


Bad shipping options is the #1 reason for people leaving products in their online shopping carts.


Always gather reviews. They are your biggest trust builders for the future.

Thank yourself later when you have 100+ reviews telling the world that your product lives up to what you said it would.

Action points

  • Decide on a return policy.
  • Decide on a warranty.
  • Research and find the best shipping deals.
  • Always gather reviews.

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