Your brand's funnel

Your Funnel

Your funnel is the way you lead someone unknowing of your product into knowledge, and then conversion into a true follower.

This is often the one thing that makes or breaks your brand, so crafting customer journeys like these is where we most often put our work hours.

Funnels can look many ways, but one thing they all have in common.


  1. Reach out with a message, capturing attention.
  2. They increasing the knowledge of the potential buyer until they know enough to make an educated choice.
  3. (Obvious, but worth adding). They have a way to make the conversion happen, a website an app, or a physical store front.

Paid funnels

An example of a paid funnel would be a Facebook ad, leading to a custom made landing page that tells the story of the particular product advertised, then asks the buyer to sign up to an email list to get a discount.

The example above is very common, and leaves you with both an email in your list, and a purchase. And hopefully a happy customer enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Free funnels

In truth there are no free funnels, because it costs you work hours. But there are ways to create traffic using only your time.

Reaching our to blogs in your niche, or creating a long term blogging strategy so that people will find you on Google, are both common strategies.

Your website or app

When it comes to the point of your conversion, I always talk to my clients to get a broad understanding of their need. Then we try to find the easiest solution to solve the problem, with the least amount of maintenance work from the client.

It might be best for you to go with something like a Shopify Store with a pre made theme, or setting up a blog on WordPress using a free theme from their collection.

It’s all about keeping the maintenance as little as possible, so you can focus on overseeing your brand in its entirety.

Action points

  • Research and plan a way to create traffic to your products.

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The 5 Baselines

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