Your brand's product

Your Product

If you have a brand, you have a product. If you have a product there was at one time some need, emotional or practical you wanted to solve.

Revisiting the roots of your brand is always valuable, no matter how far you’ve come on your journey. What made you start, and what is your driving force.

Looking back at this can help you hone in and stay on course as you move forward.

Creating your own news

Once you have a product made, it is easy to settle and put all your focus on driving traffic and presenting it the best way, but the brands that grow big stick with their love of creation, and keep crafting new products.

I’ve learned that one of the main ways to keep customers engaged with you is to bring them new products, and there are two ways to do this.

Creating variants

The simplest way to create a new product, is a simple color variant. This will reengage people that are already connected to you.

Creating brand new

Brand new products should come naturally unless you get caught up in the logistics. Create space for the first spark that gave your business a reason to exist, and let the audience you build get something new to feast their eyes on.

Action points

  • Create space in your calendar for pure creativity, and enter that space with discipline and having turned off distractions.
  • Create space to look over and iterate on your existing products. Everyone loves a 2.0.
  • Do you have products that can easily be reproduced in more colors or variants. This might be the simplest way to blow some new life into the brand.

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The 5 Baselines

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