Your brand's visual identity

Your Visual Identity

A brand used to be a mark that denoted ownership.

Thinking about a visual identity, it is easy to think that its main purpose is to look good.

Nobody wants anything to do with a brand that looks good but fail to deliver their service.

Your visual identity will come to represent you, your integrity of craftsmanship and your treatment of your clients.

There are endless things that can be done with your visual identity, but a great designer can make things look good with a very small toolkit.

The key thought when it comes to visual identity is: Make your toolkit and refer back to it consistently. Your consistency in style creates trust over time (if the rest of your brand lives up to the promise, of course.)

Action points

  • Get yourself a logo.
  • Get yourself a color scheme.
  • Get yourself a few typefaces.
  • Use them consistently!

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The 5 Baselines

Your Product
Your Brand Story
Your Visual Identity
Your Funnel
Your Customer Service