7H Batterier Brand Development and Website

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What is on your heart?

An old battery store, packed with as much experience as there are batteries, gets a new owner and need to build a fresh brand. We are contacted, and the rest is history.

Well, it is history if you view history as something constantly happening. Since a brand is constantly growing and developing as long as it is being used.

Seven H’s

We started out with two premises. The name 7H Batterier, and a specified budget. So we laid a plan based on the budget—one of the harder skills in the industry in my opinion—estimating how much time one would need to accomplish different things.

To save programming time, we used a Shopify store and theme, and gave ourselves space to develop the brand and after that setting up some marketing campaigns.

The owner’s wishes were that the colors would be simple—mainly black and red—and reflect the colors often used on the batteries and in the industry—often very bright red. Other than that, most of the brand emerged out of throwing ideas back and forth between ourselves and Andreas Hammarsand, 7H Batterier’s project manager for this branding endeavor.

We went all the way. Based in an almost-black, we accented it with a full 100% red and allowed for the use of white wherever needed.

The result glows in all of its simplicity.

7H Batterier logo design

The main logo.

Also, we supplemented the main logo with two more versions to cover for every thinkable situation. Here are the three basic ideas we follow to be prepared for most every scenario.

  • Horizontal (main logo). Used in website headers and everything horizontally long and narrow.
  • Vertical. Preferably centered, fitting nicely into a square, for example used in Facebook’s profile picture square or in upright shop-signs.
  • The icon. If you can make a ultra simple representation of your brand, that may be a great asset. Use on Instagram profile pictures and other tiny placements. Keep it as square as possible.
7H Batterier logo variations.

The three caballeros.

The brand idea put into action

7H Batterier wants to be more than just batteries—that is the slogan we came up with during brand development.

Batteries aren’t simply battery acid based products you hide under your hood, they are the light in your flashlight, the vacation your car took you on, the waves pounding against your boat as you enjoy the open seas. Batteries power more of our lives than we think of—and precisely this was what we wanted to highlight in our marketing.

Also, Andreas at 7H Batterier was all into the idea of bringing power-based puns into the equation.

Puns are funs!

It’s impossible to directly translate the puns in a good way unfortunately, but they say:

  • “We create excitement on the sea”—excitement also meaning voltage in Swedish.
  • Streamlined rides”—stream also meaning power in Swedish.
  • Hyped for vacation?”—hyped also meaning charged in Swedish.

Here they are.

Marketing banner for 7H Batterier

We create currents on the sea.

Marketing banner for 7H Batterier


Marketing banner for 7H Batterier

Charged up for vacation?

These we used on the website as well as in 7H Batterier’s social media channels, and we will keep working from this same idea in the future as we continue our endeavor to serve batteries to all of Sweden, as their personal batterista.


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