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What is on your heart?

After the MacLaren Barbers guidelines were laid out, we proceeded to build their first ever website. In building the site, we wanted to reflect the way MacLaren Barbers gives you a break from the noise of everyday life once you enter into the calm atmosphere there.

To accomplish this we kept it clean, simple and focused on content. Using white as a base color and utilizing the MacLaren Barbers colors only as accents, we aimed to remove the clutter, and set in place large header images capturing the atmosphere of the place.

Picking the right pictures for the header was one of the crucial points. Images are more often than not the heart and soul of a website. What you choose matters. Luckily MacLaren Barbers had and have a large database of high quality original content we could pick from.

Hand Coded

We went for a hand coded site the first time around. Working with a new company with a start up budget, forced us to think creatively. Would our money work best in building on a full back-end system, or could we do some kind of compromise to maximize the value of the money spent?

In order to put more hours on design, and less on programming, we went for a hand coded solution. That means we came up with some static content, and from there we built a design that could be used in the future, if we want to upgrade to add any kind of back end system.

MacLaren Barbers Website

The “Services” page.

A page for the services, a page for the founding story, about the founder, and we manually integrated a booking system—the most important feature of the site.

In the middle of the header we put a “Book” button, because most people that visit this site will be looking for a booking (rhyme unintended.)

So. What are you waiting for? Go book yourself a time!

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