Coffee Fact #2: The African Power Ball

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What is on your heart?

What if I told you that the original Red Bull consisted of crushed coffee cherries, mixed with fat from animals, and rolled into small balls?

For some of you that might have felt that our last “coffee fact” did not contain enough actual facts, here is one for you.

A historical fact

Historians agree that there was a certain period in coffee history where something peculiar was made out of the berry we all love. East African tribes would actually grind coffee cherries and mix the whole result with fat from animals and then roll small balls of coffee power. Enhanced by that little sip of Red Bull, they would venture out into war with neighboring tribes.

Since coffee is highly useful and relevant to people of the digital age, we are sharing some cool coffee facts from time to time on this blog.

So next time you sit down at your office, ready to fight through your daily tasks, you may remember that you are following an age old tradition, going all the way back to those East African tribes.

Coffee facts.

Ready to start your daily fight? Drink that cup!

That is a coffee fact worthy of remembrance. Small coffee balls of battle-power.

This one was written by Benjamin Antoni

Reaching about 10 years experience developing for the web, and have been doing various forms of graphic design since he discovered a copy of Photoshop in his brother's room a long long time ago. Mail him if you want work done.

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