How to Think When Choosing Between a WordPress Solution or a Handcoded Website

We have two web design services, Hand Coded Websites and WordPress Website Solutions. Here I will attempt to explain the difference a little more in detail.

Let us say you currently have no website or want a complete redesign from scratch. The first question you want to ask yourself before choosing a service is: “Do I want to update the page continually, or is it a bunch of information that will be more or less static?”

If your page will be more or less static, it is a good idea to start out with a hand coded page. That will mean more of the budget goes to design, and less to the actual programming. You will be off to a great start, refining and iterating on your web presence for a lower cost that a full WordPress Solution.

Wondering what to choose.

I wonder…

When starting out with a hand coded site, it gives us a lot of freedom to experiment and develop quickly. The same results are possible with a WordPress Solution, but it takes a little more time.

So if you want to experiment and develop a way to express your brand online. Go Hand Coded first.

Taking the Next Step

When we have been working on you hand coded site for a while, you may want to expand into a blog, a bunch of customer service pages, or something similar that requires constant update. Then WordPress is the best back end system there is. Only know that now, changes to the overall functionality and structure on the site takes a little more time. Not too much but a little.

If you know exactly what functions your site should have, and some of those include constantly updated content, you go WordPress. And if you have a bigger budget in place from the very start, there is no reason to not step right into the WordPress Solution.

The site you are currently one was redesigned from scratch and developed directly on WordPress, since we knew the blog would be a central part of it. Our side project Red Hat Factory is hand coded, and have developed over time, changing a lot since the initial release.

It is no problem converting the design we have been working on into a WordPress Solution. So if you choose to start out Hand Coded, you are not wasting money, you are investing in your future.

If you start a blog, or something with content at it’s core, you go straight on to a WordPress Solution.

This one was written by Benjamin Antoni

He likes pointing up in the air with those fingers who can program websites. Mail him if you want work done, or maybe want to get a copy of the Old Newspaper Wordpress Theme.

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