From Clans to Brands: Building the MacLaren Barbers Brand

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What is on your heart?

MacLaren Barbers the idea, has finally materialized into MacLaren Barbers the company. Building the brand from scratch has been an honor and a privilege of ours.

In order to find the brand style, we went back to the beginning.

Far back!

The name MacLaren Barbers comes from the MacLaren clan in Scotland, which is part of owner and founder Ben’s heritage.  Some of his American lineage can be traced back to Scotland, where each clan has a tartan. So that is where we went in search for brand colors.

Picking out colors directly from the tartan, we came up with the following color scheme.

MacLaren Barbers Colors

The MacLaren tartan colors altered for branding.

Weaving history into the brand, we could present a scale from green to royal blue—the royal blue having been a particular request from the customer.

The Logo

When it came to the logo, we pulled out the big guns, and hired a high end hand letterer from the U.S. We received some scanned papers, and sat down in order to digitalize and polish the result.

The final logo is a timeless and custom piece we are very proud to present.

MacLaren Barbers Logo Finished

MacLaren Barbers logo completed.



The “M”

Around the same time as we released the new brand coloring for MacLaren Barbers in 2017, we ran a side project that turned out quite nice. Project "M". Finally I had time to write some words about it. Ben – Mr. MacLaren Barbers – was about to start releasing more clothing products, starting with baseball…

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MacLaren Barbers’ Webshop & New Brand Colors

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