MacLaren Barbers’ Webshop & New Brand Colors

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What is on your heart?

We are proud to release the MacLaren Barbers webshop, together with an upgraded and refined overall site design, and a new color scheme that will mark out the future of the company.

Hours and hours have been spent in the offices of MacLaren Barbers, downtown Stockholm, discussing color schemes, consuming radical amounts of coffee and sketching until the final design was approved. It has been a really engaging process, where we made sure to take our time in the pre-production before going into production. Because of this we had a really clear picture of how it should look before we even entered Photoshop and started designing.

Eventually we got into the code, and around the three years anniversary of the company, we emerged with the fully formed new site. Now, the site has already been live for a while, only I haven’t gotten around to write a release statement before now.

A Wild Color Scheme

The pitch for the new color scheme sounded something like this.

“Can we look more like a wilderness brand, but keep it faded and retro, and stay green?”

So in our typical style, we sat down and discussed a whole lot before getting into any sort of production. We Googled for sites in the style that we were looking for. Studied what made them feel like they did. Looked for color scheme inspiration on Instagram profiles, and picked out what we liked.

Having the opportunity to sit in the office of MacLaren Barbers and discuss and research together was priceless. Instant understanding, and a guaranteed satisfaction.

Here we go. The new colors for MacLaren Barbers as of 2017.

The MacLaren Barbers logo in it's new colors as of 2017.

The MacLaren Barbers logo in it’s new colors as of 2017.

WordPress & the WooCommere Webshop

MacLaren Barbers, is one of those customers that we have worked with all the steps of the way. We started out hand coding a website in order to keep it simple and design focused. When the company grew, and with it the demand for frequently changing content on the site, we upgraded the existing hand coded site to a WordPress solution.

Now, building on the existing WordPress solution, we used WooCommerce, the biggest webshop provider for WordPress, which, at the time of writing, is used on 28% (!) of all online stores. It is clearly a well developed product.

Using WooCommerce, we are entirely free to design every aspect of the shop, and seamlessly integrate it with the existing site.

The result is that the shop and the old site is one and the same in the new release. Here you go. Time to tame your face forest?

The MacLaren Barbers Shop.

The MacLaren Barbers shop.


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