Old Newspaper WordPress Theme v2

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Generation two of the Old Newspaper WordPress theme has finally come out. And together with that, the launch of old-newspaper.com.

Since I made the first version of the WordPress theme I have been wanting to start over and do it from the bottom up again. But that takes time. Now that I went back to building my own company after working for another employer for a year, I decided it was time to push the button. So I started from scratch again, but this time with a way better understanding of code in general.

You can find the Old Newspaper Theme’s own website here. There you’ll find a demo site.

I must say I view WordPress in a different way after diving into it head first again. It is a brilliant system, and learning to do it right is not as hard as I once thought.

As always. Whenever a project like this has lived a few years, you start seeing things you could have done different and better. Well… in the case of Old Newspaper, there was so much I scratched out everything and rebuilt it. This time with a structure that makes it simpler for me to add and launch small updates to it.

The new site: old-newspaper.com

The Old Newspaper Theme is niched. It doesn’t try to reach out to each and every WordPress user, but to those who love the look of a classic newspaper with that characteristic grid of articles on the front page. Since it is so niched, it is fun to take the time to build an entire brand around it, and that is what I did this time.

A logo. An own website. And of course that site is styled in the same color scheme as the theme itself. I bring you old-newspaper.com.

You can order a the theme there on the page.

Screenshot of old-newspaper.com, the site of the Old Newspaper WordPress Theme

The Old Newspaper WordPress Theme has finally got it’s own website—old-newspaper.com.

This one was written by Benjamin Antoni

Reaching about 10 years experience developing for the web, and have been doing various forms of graphic design since he discovered a copy of Photoshop in his brother's room a long long time ago. Mail him if you want work done.

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