Rebranding Skylimit Productions

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What is on your heart?

As the company goes into a new season with several new great contacts and jobs coming in like never before, the brand needs refreshment.

The old brand has barely changed since we started back in 2009, and now I needed so shake it up a little bit, make it a little fatter and make the colors brighter. So I did.

Skylimit Productions Rebranding Animation

The Skylimit Productions logo being squeezed and brightened.

If you like these animations, we can make you one. Contact Benjamin with your pitch.


Before attacking the color scheme, I spent some time scrolling through some of my favorite Instagram accounts to get inspiration. I found my new red and blue—more bright than the old—removed a few of the most dull colors that we haven’t really used much, and added some gradients to keep up with the times. The yellow color is not being used anywhere at the time when I write this, but I kept it in the palette anyways in case we need a touch of something extra.

Skylimit Productions Re-coloring

New colors sweeping across the old.


We have had two main typefaces before, and I still want two: One for titles, one for copy. This time I got rid of the serifs on the titles, and I specifically looked for something that was straight, but with softly rounded corners, to fit well with the logo and the style I wanted.

I also decided from the start to go for a Google font, because how simple and versatile they are. They can be imported into css swiftly, and are perfected for web use out of the box. I found Rubik for titles, and I love it! Especially in the Medium and Bold weights. For body copy I went for Source Sans Pro, which is a basic solid typeface for body copy.

New Webpage and Facebook

You are on our new website. It is completely new and built on WordPress, whereas all the earlier pages have been built on our own system. WordPress is old and tried, and will be a firm base for evolving the site in the future. The old blog that was hosted on has now been integrated with our own page to get more traffic this way. Everything now lives under the brand new domain name (yes that is the entire address, I don’t think I will ever find  a more fitting one).

Our Facebook was updated to feature a new profile picture and cover to fit the new brand and I added a new section to give a clear overview over our services. The icon set was picked from a bunch of icon sets bought from Adobe Stock and altered quite much to fit the brand, and as soon as I have time in between customer work, those services will be featured on this site also.

So this is how the brand got refreshed.

This one was written by Benjamin Antoni

Reaching about 10 years experience developing for the web, and have been doing various forms of graphic design since he discovered a copy of Photoshop in his brother's room a long long time ago. Mail him if you want work done.

Mail him


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