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What is on your heart?

The New Room Interior idea is about developing a tool for customers to, as easily as possible, submit their entire room’s layout and style-wishes for a interior consultation.

It all happens on the web, but involves a lot of personal consultation and conversation back and forth. The customer has to measure the room, send the measurements in via the web together with some additional necessary information, then the interior consultant on the other side, will turn this information into detailed 3D sketches of the potential room.

The site takes shape

First off, we started with a long talk. We love communication – the more the better, the more face to face the better!

Part of web design will always be pinning down what is the most important part of your company. A visitor to your page don’t want to be presented with a dozen options at once. They need to be introduced to your concept as simply and quickly as possible. So in trying to do this, we spent some time developing a slogan and a short text we felt enveloped the entire purpose of the page.

New Room Interior Screenshot

We got a slogan and a short intro text in place.

Laying a Foundation

For a basis, we split the page in to three sections.

  • Services, where you see examples and read descriptions of the services. If you have no idea what the page is, and you ended up there on accident, you would go there first. So it is on the left side, since the western world reads left to right.
  • Learn More, a questions and answers sections where we clear out the most asked questions. Some sections of the page link back to this page to clear out a couple of things.
  • Order, the main page. I will tell you more about this if you read on.

The Order Page

In structuring the order page, we tried to simplify it by breaking it down into as few steps as possible.

  1. Pick your product.
  2. Upload a simple drawing of your ground plan, (if you selected Ground Plan as a product).
  3. Select some images you like, in order to show us what style you like.
  4. Type your contact info.
  5. Submit.

From there, the personal interaction will kick in, and all that material will be transformed into a set of 3D drawings by a careful hand.

The first iteration of the site is done, but a website is a living organism.

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