How to Add “Products Shown” to Facebook Posts

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What is on your heart?

Have you seen those Facebook posts that have products or services shown on them under the title, “Products shown?” Ever wondered how to show them there? Here is a complete walkthrough of how to do it.

How do you add “Products Shown” to your Facebook Posts

I made a tutorial video that goes through every step of the process, so here’s to you who prefer to watch a video. If you prefer to have it in writing, continue reading below the video.

Step 1: Set up a Facebook Shop

After all, it is a Facebook product that will be shown, so the product need to be in your Facebook shop before linking it to your post.

To set up a Facebook shop (for free), you go to your Facebook Page, then Settings up top, then Edit Page on the left hand menu, then at the bottom Add a Tab.

Add the Shop Tab. (The Services Tab works much the same way, and can also be tagged and shown in posts, only it doesn’t have the ability to link to an external product checkout page.)

You may want to rearrange the tab order, so your shop gets further up in your Page’s left hand menu.

Go back to your Page and click the Shop Tab. It will then walk you through a few steps to set up shop.

If you are in a country that doesn’t support Facebook Payments (like I am), then you choose between Message to Buy, where the user would message you to buy the product, or Check Out on Another Website where you simply add a link to a different web address, where the user can buy the product online.

For the video, I chose Check Out on Another Website, since I have a payment system set up on a different site.

The Facebook shop is now up and running! Time to add products.

Step 2: Add a Product

Simply follow the procedure. Facebook makes this very clear and simple. Once the store is set up, there is a button saying Add a Product, and after clicking it you add an image, a price, some information, and lastly a link to where you can buy the product (if you chose Check Out on Another Website.

Step 3: Write an Article Relevant to Your Product

Content marketing is good. Product marketing is also good. By the process I am suggesting, we get to combine the two of them, and the possibilities are many.

So this step is optional, though you have to share some kind of content in order to tag products on the post.

“Products shown” can be added to any kind of Facebook post. For this example I write an article on my own site, in order to tie everything together, but you may show products on any other Facebook post: A video. Someone else’s article shared. A short text. Really just anything.

In my example I did for the video, I sell a handmade font, and therefore I wrote an article about how I made the font, and how the idea came up.

You may write anything. Write for example an article about the benefits of running and add your running-shoes in the store.

Step 4: Post Article to Facebook & Tag Product in Post

Once you have the article, you post it on your page, and at the very bottom of the post you now have the option to tag a product. Click the tagging button, and the products from your store will show up, ready for tagging. Now you finally have a product shown in your post.

In the end you’ll have a nice post like the one below, combining the best of both marketing worlds.

Facebook Post with "Products Shown"
Facebook post with a tagged product. A.k.a. “Products Shown”.

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This one was written by Benjamin Antoni

I am a Brand Strategist with 10+ years of broad design experience, where UX, web and logo design have been my main focuses. My most comprehensive experience is having built the Red Hat Factory brand from scratch, but I also work part time with helping other brands find their identity and grow from there.

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