Get Creative With Your Web Address

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What is on your heart?

You probably know that you can pick a number of top level domain’s beside .com or .your-country-code. However, you may not know that you have a vast amount of options. Maybe one of those options fits your brand as well as it did for us.

When I discovered that .productions existed out there, I knew that I’d found my final domain name. It cannot get more in line with the brand than the address that we now have,

If you go to, they have a really neat search function, where you may try searching for one web address, and it provides you with other suggested top level domains similar to what you typed in.

Searcing for a web address, or top-level domain.

Get started—find the web address that fits your brand.

It is time to get creative

If your agency has “agency” in it’s name, maybe .agency would be a fitting top level domain for you.

I once made an app called “Ben’s Bike”, and guess what. The top level domains available allowed me to buy Though I never bought it, and will probably never resurrect the Ben’s Bike project.

I occasionally use a service called Planning Center. And guess what… “.center” exists, so they use

So if you work with rescuing victims of human trafficking (which I think deserves some attention), and you are focusing on freeing one by one. How about the domain name It is free.

All I am trying to do is get your creativity rolling, and make sure you know that you are no longer limited to the classic .com’s or .org’s.

The top level domains are coming

I have seen an increase in the use of these kind of web-addresses, and I expect it to only keep growing in popularity as time passes by. One reason I think so is because of how it allows you to finally get a domain name that only contains your brand name. The visual purity of that is precious.

Good luck on your hunt for the perfect top level domain.

This one was written by Benjamin Antoni

I am a Brand Strategist with 10+ years of broad design experience, where UX, web and logo design have been my main focuses. My most comprehensive experience is having built the Red Hat Factory brand from scratch, but I also work part time with helping other brands find their identity and grow from there.

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