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Old Newspaper WordPress Theme Updated for 2018

Our popular WordPress theme is now out with yet another updated version. Version 2.3 brings you more options than ever. Once again we have been listening to what you, our users, say, and proceeded to pound that keyboard until the ideas turn into reality. Get the Old Newspaper WordPress Theme here. Your feedback is so…

Customer Work

MacLaren Barbers’ Webshop & New Brand Colors

We are proud to release the MacLaren Barbers webshop, together with an upgraded and refined overall site design, and a new color scheme that will mark out the future of the company. Hours and hours have been spent in the offices of MacLaren Barbers, downtown Stockholm, discussing color schemes, consuming radical amounts of coffee and…


Old Newspaper v2.2 Released

Three color schemes to choose from, and a whole lot of more customization options are the main point in the new Old Newspaper release. For some years now we've created, developed and sold this WordPress theme styled like and Old Newspaper with that classic article grid on the front page. Now the new version brings…

Customer Work

A Mother Brand

Our customer New Room Interior comes from first being a home interior webshop, called Mias Interiør, then developing into an online service providing interior consultation across the wide web. After having used the Mias Interiør brand on the New Room Interior site for a while—in order to create familiarity for old customer—the brand Mias Interiør…


Our First Typeface is Here—Ink & Blotts

Finally we release a font! Inspired by my current reading of Harry Potter and the infamous store Flourish and Blotts, I have named the typeface Ink & Blotts. It was a typeface-related side project that lead me into creating this first font of ours. Download the font for $10. Click here. If you used a little…

Company News

Rebranding Skylimit Productions

As the company goes into a new season with several new great contacts and jobs coming in like never before, the brand needs refreshment. The old brand has barely changed since we started back in 2009, and now I needed so shake it up a little bit, make it a little fatter and make the colors brighter.…


Old Newspaper WordPress Theme v2

Generation two of the Old Newspaper WordPress theme has finally come out. And together with that, the launch of old-newspaper.com. Since I made the first version of the WordPress theme I have been wanting to start over and do it from the bottom up again. But that takes time. Now that I went back to building…

Customer Work

Andersens Hobby Brand Development

When we started developing this brand from scratch we went looking for a few foundation stones. She has run this store for many years already, and the name "Andersens Hobby" is already established. Now we needed to take the name and package it in something recognizable and memorable. Digging to the Bottom Looking for those…

Customer Work

The New Room Interior Website

The New Room Interior idea is about developing a tool for customers to, as easily as possible, submit their entire room's layout and style-wishes for a interior consultation. It all happens on the web, but involves a lot of personal consultation and conversation back and forth. The customer has to measure the room, send the measurements…


Ben’s Bike v1.1

A new version of Ben's Bike is out, and finally you'll be able to register online to see all kinds of stats and share them with your friends! This is what's new in version 1.1. Change Log: Slow Start Option: It is now possible to uncheck this to start cars at full speed every time.…

Customer Work

Developing the New Room Interior Brand

The brand New Room Interior emerged over time as the owner Maria turned from having a successful home interior shop to wanting to offer online interior consulting. This is a customer with clearly defined and expressed opinions on where the brand is going, so our job has been to try to listen and understand as well as…


Ben and His Bike

As Ben grew up, the time to learn to ride a bike came along. The bike he owned was a tiny little ugly bike, made up of several pieces. The front part came from one of his older sisters' first bikes with a tire literally made of stone. The back part came from a bike his family found by…

Company News

We Are The Adventurous Web & Graphic Design Agency

We are now branding ourselves as The Adventurous Web & Graphic Design Agency. You might read that and wonder where the adventure is in graphic design, vectors, development, url's and code*. If you find yourself wondering about it, why don't we ask the mother of all true knowledge (and also the mother of all copy…

Company News

Google is My Friend

Some years ago most of Skylimit Productions' web designs started to conform to the upcoming trend of fitting all device sizes. Mobile phones, tablets and screens should all yield a website that looked made for that specific device. It is one of our most useful and up to date skills, giving a way stronger impression…

Company News

A Mountain, Two Norwegians and a Camera

Will remember this trip for a while! Went out together with my Brother Morten to create a video. He wrote a post about it: https://furredesign.wordpress.com/2015/04/16/a-mountain-two-norwegians-and-a-camera/