Rebranding Skylimit Productions

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We Are The Adventurous Web & Graphic Design Agency

We are now branding ourselves as The Adventurous Web & Graphic Design Agency. You might read that and wonder where the adventure is in graphic design, vectors, development, url's and code*. If you find yourself wondering about it, why don't we ask the mother of all true knowledge (and also the mother of all copy…

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Google is My Friend

Some years ago most of Skylimit Productions' web designs started to conform to the upcoming trend of fitting all device sizes. Mobile phones, tablets and screens should all yield a website that looked made for that specific device. It is one of our most useful and up to date skills, giving a way stronger impression…

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A Mountain, Two Norwegians and a Camera

Will remember this trip for a while! Went out together with my Brother Morten to create a video. He wrote a post about it:

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Redefining the Image

I'm just coming out of a real hectic season. Some time ago I released the website—which I am really happy with—and got to work with framing that nice handmade logo of MacLaren's (made by this dude). After release I continued in the same pace with Both of these pages were super fun projects to work on and…