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Customer Work

A Mother Brand

Our customer New Room Interior comes from first being a home interior webshop, called Mias Interiør, then developing into an online service providing interior consultation across the wide web. After having used the Mias Interiør brand on the New Room Interior site for a while—in order to create familiarity for old customer—the brand Mias Interiør…

Customer Work

Andersens Hobby Brand Development

When we started developing this brand from scratch we went looking for a few foundation stones. She has run this store for many years already, and the name "Andersens Hobby" is already established. Now we needed to take the name and package it in something recognizable and memorable. Digging to the Bottom Looking for those…

Customer Work

The New Room Interior Website

The New Room Interior idea is about developing a tool for customers to, as easily as possible, submit their entire room's layout and style-wishes for a interior consultation. It all happens on the web, but involves a lot of personal consultation and conversation back and forth. The customer has to measure the room, send the measurements…

Customer Work

Developing the New Room Interior Brand

The brand New Room Interior emerged over time as the owner Maria turned from having a successful home interior shop to wanting to offer online interior consulting. This is a customer with clearly defined and expressed opinions on where the brand is going, so our job has been to try to listen and understand as well as…

Customer Work

Barbers on the Web

After the MacLaren Barbers guidelines were laid out, we proceeded to build their first ever website. In building the site, we wanted to reflect the way MacLaren Barbers gives you a break from the noise of everyday life once you enter into the calm atmosphere there. To accomplish this we kept it clean, simple and…

Customer Work

From Clans to Brands: Building the MacLaren Barbers Brand

MacLaren Barbers the idea, has finally materialized into MacLaren Barbers the company. Building the brand from scratch has been an honor and a privilege of ours. In order to find the brand style, we went back to the beginning. Far back! The name MacLaren Barbers comes from the MacLaren clan in Scotland, which is part…