Update 2.5, Old Newspaper WordPress Theme is Out!

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Sticky Situation: Old Newspaper WordPress Theme v2.4 is Out

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One Backer Left Until The Next Old Newspaper WordPress Theme Releases

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Old Newspaper WordPress Theme Updated for 2018

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Old Newspaper v2.2 Released

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Our First Typeface is Here—Ink & Blotts

Finally we release a font! Inspired by my current reading of Harry Potter and the infamous store Flourish and Blotts, I have named the typeface Ink & Blotts. It was a typeface-related side project that lead me into creating this first font of ours. Download the font for $10. Click here. If you used a little…

Products Typography

I Have Been Getting Into Typography (And Why a Side Project is Healthy)

Recently I have gone down the path of typography, and it lead me further than I intended (no pun indented—really). There are two reasons why I started, and here they are. First of All I wanted to start another side project. I can't help it, I love starting something new—to build a brand from scratch.…


Old Newspaper WordPress Theme v2

Generation two of the Old Newspaper WordPress theme has finally come out. And together with that, the launch of old-newspaper.com. Since I made the first version of the WordPress theme I have been wanting to start over and do it from the bottom up again. But that takes time. Now that I went back to building…


Ben’s Bike v1.1

A new version of Ben's Bike is out, and finally you'll be able to register online to see all kinds of stats and share them with your friends! This is what's new in version 1.1. Change Log: Slow Start Option: It is now possible to uncheck this to start cars at full speed every time.…


Ben and His Bike

As Ben grew up, the time to learn to ride a bike came along. The bike he owned was a tiny little ugly bike, made up of several pieces. The front part came from one of his older sisters' first bikes with a tire literally made of stone. The back part came from a bike his family found by…


Old Newspaper WordPress Theme

Finally! I have made the first WordPress theme in the history of Skylimit Productions. It has been both fun and challenging to once again enter a field where I have no experience, but that is where you grow. The theme is called Old Newspaper. There is a new version of Old Newspaper out now. Totally…