3 Tips for Your Next Vacation

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Coffee Fact #4: Lot’s of Coffee

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My First Font Love: Comic Sans

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Coffee Facts

Coffee Fact #3: Brought, Bought and Sold

We hate to say it, but the fact we are stating below appears to be a myth, though maintained by an incredible amount of sources . We keep the post here for the continuity of our series, but ask you to please regard it as a modern myth. The amounts of coffee being consumed in…

Coffee Facts

Coffee Fact #2: The African Power Ball

What if I told you that the original Red Bull consisted of crushed coffee cherries, mixed with fat from animals, and rolled into small balls? For some of you that might have felt that our last "coffee fact" did not contain enough actual facts, here is one for you. A historical fact Historians agree that…

Coffee Facts

Coffee Fact #1: Coffee, Goats & Web Design

You might wonder what goats and prayer has to do with each other, and how that relates to coffee (which again relates to web design). If you were actually wondering about this specific question right now, you came to the right place, I will get your facts straight. There is no counting to the web…


Monday Morning Rock ‘n Roll

It has been a Monday today. An amazing one. Are you still playing Monday morning blues? You better stop, because that's old fashioned. The new is Monday morning rock 'n' roll. Right now I am working with Wordpress and am in the process of developing my first custom theme. I was amazed at how easy…

Completely Irrelevant

Are You Fairtrade?

It's the time to be conscious of nature, health and fair trading. Most people in the western world nowadays are willing to pay a good deal more if it is fairtrade, handmade or with no preservatives. I am happy to say that we are up to date. Our websites contain no sugar and neither does…