I have been working full time at KSMG for a year as a front-end developer, graphic designer, and occasionally a video editor. I was part of many different projects, but here are the ones that I was the main driving force behind. – Benjamin

Facebook Ad Video

One of KSMG's first and foremost services is optimized Facebook recruiting. Reach passive candidates and benefit from the social sharing aspect of social media. This video explains how they at KSMG aim the ad to reach exactly the candidate you need. The video is in Swedish. https://vimeo.com/171954490

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Facebook Services Video

KSGM provides some different high quality services on the Book. This video is made in part to underline how important your presence on Facebook is as a Swedish business, given that huge amounts of Swedes are active users. The second part explains in short three different KSMG services and how they can help you. The video…

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Facebook Job Search Application Video

KSMG runs one of the best Facebook job search applications on the market, providing some of the largest businesses in Scandinavia with social-media talent pools. The video is in Swedish. https://vimeo.com/194326085

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