With MacLaren Barbers, Ben Laws and his barbers have managed that fine balance; creating a high end Barbershop, all the while keeping that home-ish feeling to everything. When you walk into MacLaren Barbers, time slows down for a while, and you are immersed into the Barbering experience. This is what Ben says about us:
“If you're looking for someone to design you a full website or any other designs, then look no further! Efficient, friendly, affordable, creative, and top-notch designs.” - Ben, MacLaren Barbers


In building the site, we wanted to reflect the way MacLaren Barbers gives you a break from the noise of everyday life once you enter into the calm atmosphere there. To accomplish this we kept it clean, simple and focused on content. Using white as a base color and utilizing the MacLaren Barbers colors only…

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Brand Development

We got the honour to build the brand from the bottom up, closely together with Ben, creating everything from the logo, colors and brand story, as well as building and keeping the website alive and up to date. From the Scottish Highland to Stockholm City The name MacLaren comes from Mr. Laws' Scottish heritage, a few generations…

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