MacLaren Barbers
Brand Development

We got the honour to build the brand from the bottom up, closely together with Ben, creating everything from the logo, colors and brand story, as well as building and keeping the website alive and up to date.

From the Scottish Highland to Stockholm City

We started from the roots. The name MacLaren comes from Mr. Laws’ Scottish heritage, a few generations back. Some of his not-too-far-back ancestors were originally from Scotland, and from the clan MacLaren, before migrating to the US. What better thing could we do then, but to go to the MacLaren tartan!

From that tartan, we pulled out the MacLaren Barbers base colors. These are a basis and we do not lock ourselves completely to them. Once when I needed a brighter highlight, I picked it out as you see, and kept it for the future. I will do the same over again if the need comes up. Darker or brighter, but always pulled from the base palette. The yellow and red lines are also noted, and may create opportunity for the future, though we do not use them right now.

MacLaren Barbers Colors

Handwritten and Personal

For the logo itself, we got hold of a skilled calligraphist we know from America, and I received this—a fine scan of the logo. Almost finished already.

MacLaren Raw Scan of the Logo

When I got this, I went through the manual process of digitalizing it, skewed it a little to the side to get that dynamic feel and added the year of establishment. We also received an alternative “b” in Barbers, and together decided to swap it out. So guess what… we did.

MacLaren Barbers Logo Finished

Finally finished. I present to you the MacLaren Barbers logo.

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