Maria Rasmussen with New Room Interior works from an innovative idea within the interior world. From a customer's uploaded simple sketch with written down room measurements, she turns them into fully furbished 3D room models. And we get to work on turning this into a solid digital product.
“Skylimit Productions is the team to use if you need a new website or logo. Super satisfied with the service! A unique ability to understand what the customer wants and to not wrap up before everyone is happy.” Maria, New Room Interior


The website for New Room Interior is an interesting ongoing task. Developing a tool for customers to, as easily as possible, submit their entire room's layout and style-wishes for a interior consultation. First off, we started with a long talk. We love communication. Part of web design will always be pinning down what is the most…

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Brand Development

The brand New Room Interior emerged over time as the owner Maria turned from having a successful home interior shop to wanting to offer online interior consulting. This is a customer with clear opinions on where the brand is going, so our job has been to try to transfer that energy into something that meets Maria's expectations. She…

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