New Room Interior
Brand Development

The brand New Room Interior emerged over time as the owner Maria turned from having a successful home interior shop to wanting to offer online interior consulting.

This is a customer with clear opinions on where the brand is going, so our job has been to try to transfer that energy into something that meets Maria’s expectations.

She wanted to start out with a typewriter typeface, and go from there. So we did. No need to make things harder than they are.

New Room Interior Logo

We made sure to have a couple of versions to fit different settings. This logo can be used as a one-liner, left, center, or right aligned depending on the setting.

New Room Interior Positions

The New Room Interior logo in different positions.


The brand was emerging from a successful webshop named Mias Interiør, so from the beginning we wanted to label it New Room Interior by Mias Interiør to create trust for all the old customers. So we did for a short transit time.

The old Mias Interiør logo with a tiny "by" added.

The old Mias Interiør logo with a tiny “by” added.

After a while the brand Mias Interiør was transferred to a new owner, and Maria needed a new brand to connect her different projects—a mother-brand. We decided to make a logo mark out of her name.

Starting from the old Mias Interior brand, we kept to some of the same lines, and the same font to keep it looking familiar but more modern. The fact that both logomarks start with a huge M in the same font definitely makes the old customers feel right at home.

By Maria Rasmussen

On the website you can see how we are using the two marks together.

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