Skylimit Productions Basic WordPress License

One initial payment equals one license, unless otherwise stated.

One license is valid for one blog/website. You may change site name or change which website you use it on, or which theme you use. The point is, don’t buy one license and run it on two or more websites/blogs simultaneously. If you need more licenses, contact us and we’ll arrange payment.

The themes are yours forever (the files you download), but updates are only accessed if you continue to subscribe.

We have the right to use your feedback to make our theme better and release new versions and sell it to other customers. Once you give us feedback, it is ours to use.

You may not build a new theme on top of this and sell it.

When buying a theme license, you agree to being signed up to a mailing list which will be used to:

We are confident that these emails will come in such a limited volume that you will not consider them spam.

Your email address will stay in these lists, and will not be used in any other setting within or outside our company. It is easy to unsubscribe at any time.