Andersens Hobby Brand Development

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What is on your heart?

When we started developing this brand from scratch we went looking for a few foundation stones. She has run this store for many years already, and the name “Andersens Hobby” is already established. Now we needed to take the name and package it in something recognizable and memorable.

Digging to the Bottom

Looking for those foundation stones, we decided to work from the basic idea of stitches. A big part of Andersens Hobby is knitting, so I looked closely at some real-life knitted stitches and realized they are a pattern of these:

Andersens Hobby - Stitch

A single knitted stitch. Simplified graphical version.

So I made a pattern of them like a knitted sweater, and then subtracted until I was left with the shape I wanted.

Andersens Hobby Logo

Mint and Cream

The shape was in place before we selected any colors. The image above is in the finished mint-green color though. A lot of the things she sells in her hobby-store is colored mint, so at her request, we picked a good shape.

From there we picked out a couple of matching colors. Cream white and that shaded mint green for a retro feel, and adding a touch of brown for being a country shop.

Andersens Hobby - Finished Logos

The Typeface

For a typeface we picked Aleo. It has a certain roundness to it which gives a touch of a homely feel, but also has the straight lines required to convey that this is an orderly place. We felt we had found our match.

Aleo Font Specimen

The Aleo typeface in action, writing out words in Norwegian.

The Brand Guidelines

We had selected the most important foundations for the brand.

  • Colors.
  • Logo.
  • Typeface.

So from that solid foundation we can produce the necessary assets. Like this poster that we put up all over town to invite folks to come to the homely country cafe.

Image from Andersens Hobby Poster

An example of bringing the Andersens Hobby elements together into a poster.


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