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What is on your heart?

I’m just coming out of a real hectic season.

Some time ago I released the website—which I am really happy with—and got to work with framing that nice handmade logo of MacLaren’s (made by this dude). After release I continued in the same pace with Both of these pages were super fun projects to work on and I am really proud of the results. At the same time as all of this, I have been working on Skyletter as well as a secret little project you can hold in your hand and it will drive you mad, but those are stories for other blogposts.

Meanwhile I have been trying to find time to redo my own page, and today I launched version 7. To remake your own website is such a great source of learning. You can try whatever you want with no budget limitations. This time it is a bit more special than versions 1 through 6 though, because I also redid the color scheme. I expanded it and tweaked the original blue and red to more pale and the red towards orange. I feel it really builds up under what Adventurous Web & Graphic Design Agency is.

Peace out /Benjamin. Check the site on

Colors RGB
New Website

This one was written by Benjamin Antoni

Reaching about 10 years experience developing for the web, and have been doing various forms of graphic design since he discovered a copy of Photoshop in his brother's room a long long time ago. Mail him if you want work done.

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