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What is on your heart?

Around the same time as we released the new brand coloring for MacLaren Barbers in 2017, we ran a side project that turned out quite nice. Project “M”. Finally I had time to write some words about it.

Ben – Mr. MacLaren Barbers – was about to start releasing more clothing products, starting with baseball caps. And for that, we needed to come up with a simplified version of the logo that would look good in stitching – and match the original in style.

So at that time we came up with the “M”.

It’s the M from the original MacLaren Barbers logo together with some line art straight razors that we designed especially to look good on fabric. With the end product in mind, we cleaned out every unnecessary detail, so that stitches wouldn’t flow into one another and mess up the design in the real world.

The MacLaren Barbers "M".

The MacLaren Barbers “M”.

The brand MacLaren Barbers is constantly in development, and we enjoy the opportunity to develop it together with the owner and founder Ben Laws.

Right now he’s preparing for a new barber shop launch in the very heart of Stockholm – Gamla Brogatan. We can’t wait!

Good luck Ben!

The MacLaren Barbers "M"

The MacLaren Barbers “M” in action.


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