Benjamin Antoni Andersen

I am Benjamin, a Norwegian web/graphic designer based in Stockholm. I started Skylimit back in 2009, and when you email us I am on the other end answering.

I do web and graphic design. My favorite field is front-end, which means I like working with the looks and the visible parts of a website—the small details and animations that you are interacting with when you visit any page.

Very soon I reach ten years of experience working with web development. My graphic design career started some long time ago when I discovered a copy of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 on a CD and started exploring.

When I am not working you find me at home with my wife and a good book (currently Way of Kings) or a personal web project going on. I am also often found in SOS Church, where I play guitar.

My side projects are currently:

  • Wrds – Handwritten vectorized words for use in your design project. Have also made a typeface through this project.
  • Red Hat Factory – Marketing and selling Red hand-knitted beanies together with my mom.
  • Honestly – Writing some music, though not very much at the moment.

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