Let me tell you a bit about our services

We are a web & graphic design company. Different services and categories overlap more often than not, but here we have attempted to categorize a bit to make it clear what you can expect from working with us.

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WordPress Website Solutions

Tested and tried, WordPress is actually being used on about 25% of all websites in the world. For us the choice is easy when it comes to a back-end system. For you who regularly add content to your page, and need to have an admin side to it all. WordPress is incredibly flexible, and we can build…

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Facebook Page Tabs

With your very own custom Facebook Page Tabs, the possibilities are endless. In making a Facebook Tab, we are entirely flexible. Some good use cases would be promoting a specific product, dedicating an entire tab to it, collecting leads through it, or maybe a feed with your latest blog posts, directly attached to your Facebook…

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Hand Coded Websites

Small to medium, simple, static websites for you who don't need an entire back-end system. The strength of hand coded static websites is that they are quickly set up, and everything is left to us. You deliver the information you want on the page, and approve of our designs or give us corrections, and then we program…

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Graphic Design Services

The channels to connect with your customers are many, and each case may require a different format. Posters, ads, banners, Facebook profile picture and cover photo. Graphic Design is a part of almost anything you do in communicating towards customers. Let us produce your material in keeping with your brand.

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Brand Development

Developing your brand from scratch or rebranding. We build the story behind your brand and create a logo, picking out  colors and style that fit your brand. Brand development can be as simple as creating a logo and selecting a color, or we can go all the way and handle the brand for you, create style guides and templates…

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Video Editing / Animation

Editing your video clips, or creating animations out of your logo or text. Video is the most eye catching material in marketing via Facebook and Instagram. It might be a good idea to add some movement to your brand. Rebranding animations are fun and engaging. Do you have clips from your working place, but want…

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