Brand Development

Brand Development

Developing your brand from scratch or rebranding. We build the story behind your brand and create a logo, selecting top notch colors and developing a style that fits your brand.

Building the Brand

Building a brand from scratch is all about creating a palette as a basis to keep working on. Laying the foundation we would research the style, find the right colors, create a logo from this, and then possibly complement with icons or photos that go in line with your palette.

We can do that for you, and of course also working closely together with you so that the brand becomes yours.

Developing an Existing Brand

Having an established brand is no hinderance to keep working with it. We have gone through several rebranding processes with our customers (see New Room Interior, and MacLaren Barbers), and we recently went through a large rebrand ourselves.

Rebrands are sometimes massive projects, where you basically tear down and rebuild your style, but also it can be a slight change in the shape of the logo, and maybe fading or brightening your accent colors, or adding colors to the palette.

Representing the Brand in Multiple Channels

With a brand nowadays, it is important to keep a tight rein on it when it spreads across several channels. Your YouTube has to look like your Facebook Page, which in turn must look like your website.

We can help you with developing your Facebook Page covers and profile picture, and the same in whatever media channel you are aiming at. Youtube? Twitter? An online webshop provider?

Red Hat Factory brand, represented in different media channels.

The brand Red Hat Factory Represented in two social media channels and on its own website. Note the red touch to everything and the matching imagery.

Your brand is always present wherever you make a digital representation of yourself. We can help you develop templates and style guides to help you hold it all together.

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