Facebook Page Tabs

Custom Facebook Page Tabs

With your very own custom Facebook Page Tabs, the possibilities are endless. Introduce a very special product, or invite people to subscribe to one of your channels. An own Facebook Tab gives your product a V.I.P. feel.

In making a Facebook Tab, we are entirely flexible. As mentioned, some good use cases would be promoting a specific product, dedicating an entire tab to it, collecting leads through it, or maybe a feed with your latest blog posts, directly attached to your Facebook page. But this is by no means limitations we have to play by. The tab area is to our disposal.

Facebook Page Tabs

Most anything can be developed and packed into a Facebook Page Tab.

Custom Really Means Custom

Until recently, Facebook let you develop within a white box, as you see on the image above. Now we have to provide the box ourselves (which most customers prefer), but that also means we are not even limited to it.

We could design our own containers, or break the design up into different Facebook-styled boxes after what content belongs together.

So what is the product you want to give a V.I.P. (very important product) feel? Let us design you a few sketches according to your brand guidelines and then code it into reality.

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