Handcoded Websites

Hand Coded Websites

Small to medium, simple, static websites for you who don’t need an entire back-end system. A hand coded site is perfect for landing pages or newly started businesses who don’t need huge amounts of information up on the web.

The strength of hand coded sites is that you can keep it small and perfect every piece of it. Technically you can build huge projects hand-coded, but the smaller the project is, the more it will be worth going for a hand coded solution. The more content you have, the more logical it would be to go for a WordPress Solution to manage the content.

For our WordPress theme, Old Newspaper, we made a hand coded landing page. It is a perfect example of where this approach is most efficient. Presenting a product or concept to a new customer. You could call it an online poster.

Hand coded website example.

The Old Newspaper site is a perfect example of a hand coded landing page, where hand coding is the optimal approach.

The weakness of this approach is that updates go through us, and you have no login; no admin side to it. In short—it’s more permanent. Almost like a poster. You will be able to update it at any time., but it will not be cost effective if you do it continually.

Hand Coding—The Perfect Choice for a First Site

It is a very good choice for a first site.

Everything we build as a static hand coded site may be converted to a WordPress Website Solution at a later time—you don’t lock yourself in a corner. What happens when you start with a hand coded site, is that we are able to put much more focus on the design, and less on the coding itself. And all that money you put on design stays with you if we convert to WordPress later.

Red Hat Factory started out as a hand coded site with a few pages, and now it is a full fledged WordPress site—first and foremost because of the gallery that needs to be updated regularly.

If you are ready to step into the web for the first time, or have a landing-page-worthy project—don’t hesitate to email us. Ask us any question and we develop the idea together, and return with a price.

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