Video Editing / Animation

Video Editing/ Animation

Video is the most eye catching material in marketing on Facebook and Instagram. It might be a good idea to add some movement to your brand. Whether in social media or on your own site.

Rebranding animations are fun and engaging. Explainer videos are more popular than ever. Presenting a message “face-to-face” with video instead of writing a post, tends to yield much more results in terms of eyes on the message. It seems in this digital age, video adds that human touch to your brand that makes it so much easier to connect with. And then—motion just catches our attention.

Rebranding animation.

Here is the rebranding animation from our own recent rebrand.

If You Already Have Video

Do you have video from your working place, but want to shape it into something that can speak to your customers, adding your brand style to it? We can take your clips and turn them into a finished video with your stamp of approval on it.

If You Need Video Recorded

We also offer high quality videography through our freelance stack. If you are in the Stockholm, Sweden area or around Sydney, Australia, we can send one of our videographers to you and then work with the material. Otherwise if you have a higher budget it is no problem putting the closest videographer on a plain and get business started. The world is small!

Use Animation to Tell

When it comes to animated graphics, we can present a message for with no material provided from you. We would of course like a logo and as much brand guidelines as you can muster up, but in any case, we create the video. Take a look at the videos we made for KSMG for a good idea of what we can make—(though it is in now way limited to this style).

So if you feel you are ready to add some animation to your brand, contact us with your idea and we will get back to you asap.

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