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WordPress Website Solutions

It is tested and tried—WordPress is actually being used on about 25% of all websites in the world! For us the choice is easy when it comes to a back-end system.

For you who regularly add content to your page, you need to have an admin side to it all. In opposition to the hand coded pages, a WordPress Solutions is the back-end system that enables you to take control over your content and keep it all in one place.

The Sky is the Limit With WordPress

The WordPress back-end takes care of your content—your images, articles and so on—and stores it in a database, then we can program your WordPress Solution to do just about anything with the content you make. There are few limitations when you have WordPress installed.

The weakness of WordPress is its size, so if you want a landing page for a product, or a small first website for your start-up it is much better to go with a Hand Coded Website for starters. Then it is possible to upgrade it to WordPress when you start growing.

Building Your Brand Online

A WordPress solution that supports and builds your brand online is a rather large investment, but it’s an investment in your brand as well as your presence online. We are not talking about setting up a WordPress blog and adding a finished theme (which we could help you do also), we are talking about building a custom WordPress Solution, handmade for your needs and looking like you.

The way we set up our projects it is easy to expand it step by step as your business grows and new needs emerge. This site is built on WordPress, and it is constantly evolving. WordPress is incredibly flexible, and we can build just about anything on top of it.

Pitch your project and we come up with a price.

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WordPress Website Solutions