The Skylimit Productions DNA

We are making the world more beautiful, one logo, website and color at a time.

Short About Web & Graphic Design

Graphic design work may include making a logo and shaping your entire brand with font- and color selection—finding that style that makes up the brand. Once you get (or already have) that logo, you want to have it printed on a business card, or maybe a sign above your door. We help organize everything so that you don’t have to run between different providers (unless you like to).

Graphic design is:

The art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect.

That effect happens to be making you awesome!

Web solutions may include anything from an informative single-page website in the lower price range, to a WordPress solution like the page you are on right now. We can also make you simple webapps, and have made a bunch of Facebook page tabs. You pitch—we produce.

Personal Interaction

With time we have come to realize, every customer is different, and every project has its own custom need. There is no one-size-fits-all in the web and graphic world. Therefore we want to have a really good talk before we get going. We value personal interaction, whether in person, over the phone or a whole lot of emails.

Handcrafted Design

The strength of your graphic profile is the personal touch. We can absolutely help you set up a quick Facebook page or a Shopify store—no problem—but we absolutely delight in building something from the sketching stage all the way to a fully developed web site or graphic profile. You can read such a story with MacLaren Barbers, who are giving us a lot of time and trust to shape the brand.

Up To Date Technology and Knowledge

We are always keeping up with new technologies. Responsive design is no longer a negotiable, and optimizing your page speed to load fine on 3 or 4G, is absolutely necessary. The world is developing and so are we.

Do you know which post format that statistically gains the most attention on Facebook? No? Well, we know, because it is our job to know. (FYI: The answer is square videos with subtitles.)

When It’s Finished It’s Yours

Some design agencies keep the files and require you to pay royalties whenever you use the logo you just paid to get made. When we finish a logo, you own it and can use it in any way you want. We want to give you freedom to leave and not be stuck with us against your will. However, if you like us, you are also free to stay.

Managing Everything

If you need anything, and we can’t create it, I have a network of great people I will contact. Meet the Crew to see the nice faces of some of the people that make us great.

If you need to set up a domain, or any other service related to your business, we help you set it up, pay the bills for you if you like, and then ultimately gather everything on our final bill. The point is, you won’t have to manage a billion internet accounts and payments—we do that for you.

In short. Don’t think about it.

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