Facebook Custom Page Tab—Why Should You Get One?

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What is on your heart?

Did you know you can add Custom Facebook Tabs? We make them (and they’re quite versatile), but since you shouldn’t invest in something without knowing why, the question here would be: Under what circumstances is it worth investing in a Custom Facebook Page Tab?

1. When you already have a lot of traffic to your Facebook Page

If you have a lot of traffic to your Facebook Page because you are already putting down major marketing efforts into the Facebook platform, why not utilize your page even further? In this scenario, a custom tab would be a good idea. It would give you a change to channel a part of that traffic to your new tab for no cost and create a lower threshold for people to be introduced to your new product or offer—much lower than if they would have to go visit an external web site.

A Custom Facebook Page tab shows up in the left sidebar on a desktop computer as shown on the image below.

Custom Facebook Page Tab shown in the menu.

“The Story” is a Custom Page Tab on the Red Hat Factory Page. You can see how it shows up in the side menu on desktop computers.

On a mobile phone, the Custom Tab is not visible on any menu—Facebook does not support this. But it is possible to create a link from the blue button you have in your Facebook Page header, linking it straight to your Custom Tab. This only works for one single tab though, so make that tab count. From there you could link to your other Page Tabs—if you have more—and that way create an own little eco system on your Facebook Page.

Changing the header button to link to your Custom Facebook Tab

You can change the blue header button to link to your Custom Facebook Page Tab, here we us it with the label “Use App”.

Facebook has several button labels to choose from, but you can’t write a custom one. This is unfortunate, but Facebook is and will always be a very limited platform to work on, so you need to play by the rules. Some of the relevant options are “Learn More”, “Watch Video”, or “Use App” depending on what kind of tab you have.

2. If you are going to run a campaign with a nice landing page, but also want more traffic to your Facebook Page

So you produce this nice ad, and get a lot of clicks to your landing page, but you wish you could gather Facebook followers at the same time. The solution: Custom Page Tabs.

The area where we make the custom page is an open gray area, where we can do whatever we want. Open your mind, and let’s get creative. As of some date in 2017, we are no longer forced to put our content in a white box, so we could really let our ideas run free, as long as we stay within the width that is available to us.

We like to wrap our Custom Tabs in a white Facebook-style box, but the gray area that you see on the picture below is open for creating almost whatever we want.

Facebook Custom Page Tab Area

This whole gray area below the cover photo is actually to our disposal when making a Custom Facebook Page Tab, and it can be stretched as far down as we want.

Story telling is the core of any landing page, and here we have every story tellers dream—blank pages. Here we can design a story that draws people into your brand, and at the end we can offer them some calls to action. They are already on your Facbook Page, so if they like your brand, they may push that button. This however is no hinderance for us to insert other call to actions. A custom buy-now button, a link to your Facebook store, your website, or Shopify store. A newsletter signup form, or a contact form requesting some information related to what they just read.

3. If you release a new product, or have something you want to call special attention to

On the web we usually call it a Landing Page. When you want to give special attention to something and create a simple, design rich page that explains quickly step by step—often with lots of graphics and/or videos.

The key is to remove clutter, focus in on a single subject, and encourage people to take action in the end. Old Newspaper is a good example of such a page. We call special attention to that one product, leaving out many details that customers can get into as a second step. View it as a sales pitch. That first contact with a new customer, and you want to present a product in a short amount of time, without getting sidetracked into unnecessary details.

Using a Custom Facebook Page Tab for this, is a perfect match. If you want your product to feel V.I.P. (Very Important Product), how better to show it than creating its very own living space on your Facebook Page. A clutter free zone designed to be inhabited by the most precious product you sell.

A few ideas for your Custom Facebook Page Tab

Of course, the tab could be used for way more than presenting one product. Here are some ideas to get your brain started:

  • An introduction to your blog. Listing your categories with a little description of each, a few of your most recent post, and then fill in with a little video presenting you the person blogging and the main subject of your blog.
  • The story of your brand. Using video, texts and graphics together to create one V.I.A (Very Important Article), we present your brand, and how it came to be. In such a Custom Tab we would not hold back anything and make sure it is really custom made, and does not look like your regular run-of-the mill blogposts.

I hope this sums up a few points as to why you should invest in a Custom Facebook Page Tab on your site. Contact us on the email below, and we’ll start a project together. Or ask anything and we’ll answer your further questions.

This one was written by Benjamin Antoni

Reaching about 10 years experience developing for the web, and have been doing various forms of graphic design since he discovered a copy of Photoshop in his brother's room a long long time ago. Mail him if you want work done.

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