Who Am I

Honestly, I am mostly obsessed with stories.

I love when someone is passionate about what they make, or services they can provide to others — and to help them better their communication gives me great satisfaction.

It is all about catching the essence of what somebody are trying to do and to tell that story with images, colors and interaction design.

I’ve worked with countless brands over the years, and I’ve focused my energy on everything from brand design to web development. But in the later years, I’ve found a new love for understanding the structures of what makes or breaks a brand, and to use my skills to help people understand where their energy might be best spent.

The fact that my wife is working with building work routines for many of the brands I have helped present themself better, definitely helps us see it from a wider perspective. And since 2016 we’ve also worked on building a separate brand (Red Hat Factory) up from scratch, part because we love it (probably more than I love helping your brand — but I’ll give you my best), and part to understand the machinations of a brand from the inside out.

A Norwegian in Sweden

I am originally from Norway, but lives for the moment in Stockholm, Sweden. Skylimit Productions was founded in 2009 as a name for a school project, and I have decided to keep it with me as a token to my past self. The young man who sat by a window near the sea on the Norwegian South Coast, and saw a seagull dive down from above. Skylimit Productions was the name that came to me.

Maybe the Productions part was an expression for my desire to make films, but I’ve since learned that my true passion is storytelling, no matter what medium.

If I can help you tell your story better, let’s work.

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